Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Designer Spotlight on Chicago Designer Nelissa Carrillo

The Chicago Fashion Market hosted Fashion Forward Runway Event on Saturday, October 19th and Red Carpet Concierge was honored to witness one of the young designers Nelissa Carrillo and her amazing gowns.  The humorous story of how we met was not even about her gowns but the mishap of having broken the zipper on the back of my black cocktail dress.  I had two options, wear a jean jacket all night to cover the broken zipper or have someone try to fix it.  I had serious doubts about the latter option.  I literally ran into the area where I assumed was the vendors' area and asked a young girl to help me with my dress by using safety pins....this young girl whom I thought was a teenager immediately smiled and graciously started fussing with the zipper.  She called her mom over and between the two of them undid the clasp on my bra, kept the top part of the dress hooked and it simply looked like an open back dress.  That simple.  Problem solved. 

To my surprise, she was one of the designers of the evening!  I not only admired her youth and creativity, but unconditional kindness to a complete stranger on a big night for her.  So, long story short, I really liked her and could not wait to see what a mere 22 year old could show us what her fashion vision was.  She had three gowns for the show which were so beyond what I expected.  I asked her afterwards why she did not have more gowns to present and her answer simply was she had spent so much time on the details of each dress.  This took her quite a bit of time and she wanted them to be perfect.  And perfect they were.  I can't wait to see more of what this beautifully creative young designer has to offer!

Quick Biography on Nelissa:

At the age of 21, and after fashion studies at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Nelissa Carrillo returned to the Midwest to pursue he dream of building a fashion luxury and couture brand.  In July 2012, Nelissa Carrillo presented her first capsule collection in Chicago, IL.  Nelissa Carrillo Designs continues to evolve every day in hopes of putting Chicago on the map as a fashion capital.

Nelissa Carillo Design is based out of Chicago, IL.  A luxury pret-a-porter & couture brand, specializing in gowns and custom apparel.

NCD follows the passions of music and modern tastes of today with a reminiscent idea of history.  It is an interpretation of consciousness and how the world is viewed through a magical lens.  We believe fashion is the ultimate form of art.  "Redefining beauty as wearable art; letting the materials guide the vision."  Inside every NCD garment there is hand-painted leather label.

Within the first year we have participated in RAW, Latino Fashion Week, The Look, The Launch and many other shows in the states.  WE have been printed in VS Chicago, Hoy, Extra, Daily Herald, just to name a few.  Charities we work with:  Make-A-Wish and Fearfully Fierce.


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